The Spinechecker's Manifesto by Dr. Jeremy Brook

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Inflamed jammed joints. Radiating sciatic pain. Raging headaches. Soaring blood pressure.Depressed sex drive. Saggy posture. Scatter brained. Feeble immunity. What can you do when your core buckles and you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders?

THE SPINECHECKER’S MANIFESTO: Drug-free Secrets to Pain-Free Living, More Energy, Anti-Aging, & Better Sleep brings all of the answers into one simple, easy to read guide that will take you out of pain and suffering and into optimal health at any age. It is an integrative approach to healing and healthier living based on chiropractic, yoga, and ancient concepts of life force.

Discover never before discussed essential health requirements you may not even know about that will bring you more energy, better sleep, an enhanced sex drive, clear thinking, and a life free of pain in this hectic fast-paced world. The book incorporates philosophy, metaphysics, science, and simple step-by-step yogic sequences that will teach you how to align, move, stretch, strengthen, energize, and access the sacred geometry of your body and mind.

Before the next crisis brings you down, you’re going to want to read THE SPINECHECKER’S MANIFESTO!